All About Acorn Stairlifts

All About Acorn Stairlifts

Searching for a stairlift can be seem intimidating at first. With many companies offering their own unique products, finding a reliable option that provides products you can trust can seem impossible. One of the more reliable and well-known stairlift brands in the UK is Acorn stairlifts. 

Find out more about who Acorn are, what sets their stairlifts apart and some of the features that Acorn stairifts offer.


Who are Acorn Stairlifts?

Acorn Stairlifts, otherwise known as Acorn, is a company that manufactures and sells stairlifts in over 80 countries around the world. After the company’s launch in 1992, it immediately sought to set the highest possible standards for its products, with a focus on innovation and consistent quality in all of its devices. Thanks to these foundations of the company, Acorn is the world’s leading independent company that focuses exclusively on manufacturing, maintaining and installing stairlifts for clients. Built from humble beginnings, factories in Yorkshire and Scotland now produce mobility devices that are installed somewhere in the world every eight minutes.


What sets Acorn apart?

There are a few goals and ethical standards that Acorn holds itself to that differentiate the company from the competition, with some of the main factors including:

High engineering standards

Stairlifts are important for a few reasons, they help people to get around and support you through injuries and illnesses. This vital importance needs to be met by equally high engineering standards. After all, this machine carries your body weight up and down the stairs every day, and a failure could lead to serious injury. Acorn recognises this importance and focuses on providing customers with high-quality chairs that they can rely on. There is an extremely low risk of any dangerous incidents taking place with an Acorn lift and a similarly low chance of reliability issues occurring. Since a stairlift is important to you, it’s just as important to the manufacturer.

Focus on the customer

One of the things that set Acorn apart is the focus on a good customer experience. Acorn understands that their product is a necessity for the customer to get around and cares for them accordingly, listening to customer feedback and implementing it in later products. Acorn Stairlifts are a household name for a few reasons, and the fact they care so much about their customers is one that keeps people coming back.

Evolving products

Stairlifts have changed significantly since the launch of Acorn over 25 years ago, and Acorn’s range of stairlifts has evolved in the same way. By paying attention to emerging technologies in the market, listening to customers and their suggestions, and retaining a focus on high-quality British engineering, Acorn has been able to keep manufacturing stairlifts at the forefront of the industry. This evolution is due to continue for the foreseeable future, with the company continuing to develop top-class stairlifts that protect the user and impress customers all around the world.

Adapted to your home

Everyone’s home is slightly different, which makes installing a stairlift a bespoke task rather than simply picking out a stairlift that fits and using that in your home. Acorn takes this into account for all of its clients, completing a home survey before starting the installation process and asking customers about their specific requirements in the installation process. This is another part of the company’s customer focus and means that every single Acorn stairlift differs slightly from the others. An Acorn stairlift perfectly fits your home and suits your every need.


Acorn Stairlift features

Acorn Stairlifts have a few features, all of which are perfect for users looking for a better mobility solution. Some of these features include:

Reliable distributors

When you’re getting your Acorn stairlift, you want to make sure that everything works as you expect it to. Thankfully, the company has a network of reliable distributors and sellers, including Stairlift Solutions. Our team can install an Acorn lift with ease, working to your specific needs and making sure that you experience all of the quality that Acorn adds to its products. As an Accredited Acorn Partner, we are experts in installing these stairlifts and troubleshooting any issues that might emerge as you make use of your Acorn products.

No structural changes

Installing a stairlift is a relatively major change in your home, completely modifying the way that you traverse your staircase and adding a fairly large object to your home. However, you can use a stairlift without having to structurally change your home at all. Acorn works within the requirements of your home, not making any structural adjustments in the installation process and keeping your property just the way you like it. The installation process is quick and easy this way, and you can get started using the stairlift in no time rather than waiting to complete major work on the property.


Get an Acorn stairlift

If you’re interested in trying an Acorn stairlift, get in touch with the Stairlift Solutions team today. As Acorn partners, we have decades of expertise in finding customers the right Acorn stairlift for them.

We can offer you a range of Acorn stairlifts and support you from start to finish throughout the installation process, helping you to get the mobility that you deserve in your home. Talk to our experts today to find out more and get started with your Acorn stairlift installation process.

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