Are Outdoor Stairlifts Durable?

Stairlift Solutions

For most people, going outside and enjoying some fresh air is a pleasant everyday occurrence that improves your health and mental well-being. However, for people dealing with mobility issues, getting outside can prove to be quite challenging. Outdoor stairlifts allow people who struggle with mobility to easily access the outside world safely. These specialised stairlifts […]

Is it Easy to Use a Stairlift?

Brooks Stairlift

Stairlifts are an invaluable tool in the modern home for many, providing a safe and efficient way for individuals with mobility limitations to navigate around their homes. Designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, stairlifts are tailored to cater to the needs of a diverse range of users, including those with arthritis or other conditions […]

What Will Happen to My Stairlift in the Event of a Power Cut?

When considering the installation of a stairlift, many homeowners have concerns about what would happen during a power outage. The prospect of being stranded, either upstairs or downstairs, can be worrying, especially for those who live alone or have limited mobility. This article explores how stairlifts are designed to handle such situations, ensuring continued mobility […]

Can Multiple People in a Household Use a Stairlift?

When considering the installation of a stairlift in a home, one common question that arises is whether multiple household members can use the device. Although stairlifts are typically installed to cater to an individual, these revolutionary tools are surprisingly versatile. So, in this article, we will learn about the design of stairlifts and whether multiple […]

Accessible Bathrooms Partnership with EA Mobility

In a significant step toward making homes more accessible for everyone, Stairlift Solutions has announced a new partnership with EA Mobility. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the way we think about bathroom accessibility, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can enjoy a higher quality of life throughout their homes. In this article, we’ll learn more […]

How Much Does It Cost to Get and Run a Stairlift?

For individuals facing mobility challenges, a stairlift can be a transformative addition to the home, enhancing independence and safety. However, the financial implications of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a stairlift are big factors for many households. If you think that a stairlift could be useful in your household, then understanding the costs associated with installing […]

Reconditioned Vs New Stairlifts

When it comes to improving mobility within the home, stairlifts are an indispensable tool for many. They provide a safe, comfortable and reliable way for individuals with limited mobility to navigate between floors. However, the high up-front costs of purchasing new might be a difficult hurdle to overcome, which is where reconditioned stairlifts shine. Deciding […]

Buying Vs Renting a Stairlift

When facing mobility challenges, stairlifts significantly improve the quality of life for many individuals, making it a worthwhile investment. However, you’ll want to think carefully about buying and renting a stairlift, as they offer unique benefits. In this article, we aim to help you make the right choice by exploring the benefits and drawbacks of […]

The Importance of a Stairlift in the Colder Months

As the mercury drops and the chill of winter sets in, many of us face a significant challenge in our daily lives, especially when dealing with mobility issues and arthritis. The colder months can exacerbate these conditions, making simple tasks like climbing stairs not just difficult, but potentially hazardous. This is where the importance of […]

Why a Reconditioned Stairlift Might Be Right for You

Stairlifts have become a life-changing aid for individuals with mobility challenges, offering them the freedom to navigate their homes safely and independently. However, the cost of a new stairlift can be prohibitive for many, leading to people missing out on the benefits it offers. This is where reconditioned stairlifts, especially those from reputable providers like […]