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At Stairlift Solutions our customers are our number one priority and we do everything to make sure we look after them with 24 hour after sales care. All our new stairlifts include full warranty cover and a free end of warranty service as standard, as do the majority of our reconditioned stairlifts. We can also offer extended warranty for total peace of mind after that period from 1-4 years to ensure your stairlift is not only regularly serviced but is also completely covered for the costs of parts and labour.

Our stairlifts are very reliable and we don’t expect our customers to have any problems with them, however if they do then we are always here to help no matter how big or small the problem may seem. With our stairlifts there is a diagnostic display that may help to resolve any smaller problems yourself but we are always available on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No definitely not! The stairlift is fitted to the stairs, not to the wall so there is very little mess while installing. The whole process only takes around 1-2 hours and we make sure everything is as clean and tidy as before we arrived.

Our stairlifts can be fitted with either a manual or an automatic powered hinged rail which folds back up out of the way. This means the rail would not block any doors or the hallway at the bottom of the stairs.

Absolutely! Even in a very narrow staircase, the stairlift rail doesn’t take up a lot of room and when the stairlift is parked at either the top or the bottom of the stairs, there is still plenty of room for other people to walk up and down the stairs as normal, especially when the stairlift is folded up.

Most of our stairlifts can actually be installed within 1-2 hours and we can often get a stairlift fitted within 24 hours if needs be so the whole process from enquiry to installation can be done very quickly. If you would like us to arrange a FREE, no obligation survey then just ‘Contact Us‘.

Our stairlifts use rechargeable batteries to run and not electricity so the running costs are very low. There are charge points at the top and bottom of the rail where the stairlift will sit and automatically charge so it’s not constantly using power when it’s not in use.

Yes it will! Our stairlifts run on rechargeable batteries, not electricity so it will run in a power cut, plus it makes it safer, quieter and easier to use. We just need a nearby dedicated plug so that the stairlift can automatically charge itself at the top and bottom of the stairs. When it’s running it only uses the batteries so even if there was to be a power failure while using the stairlift, you will never be left stranded.

Yes of course. With all our stairlifts you would get two remote controls so that it’s never out of reach and it means you can call the stairlift back up or down if more than one person in the house needs to use it.

Yes! Depending on your staircase we can offer a Sit/Stand Frame if you struggle to sit down or to bend your knees. This option can also be used if your staircase is very narrow so to find out if it will work then just Contact Us‘.

It’s actually very rare that a staircase is too narrow for one of our stairlifts to be fitted, even in the tightest of staircases of around 25 inches (64cm) it is still possible to fit a stairlift. We can also use a Sit/Stand Frame to save space if needs be but obviously we would need to see the staircase first to find out for sure. To arrange a FREE, no obligation survey then just go to the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Most of our stairlifts can carry a weight of up to 20 stone or 280lbs, although in some cases it may be possible to carry someone that weighs up to 25 stone or 350 lbs with a heavy duty stairlift. For more information then simply get in touch on our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Yes our stairlifts are very easy and safe to use. The vast majority of people and even those with disabilities, have no problems at all in using our stairlifts. It’s as simple as pushing a button on the arm or the remote and the stairlift does the rest, plus there are many additional features that make our stairlifts extremely safe, including multiple safety sensors that stop the stairlift on impact, a seat-belt, a key switch and more.

As every staircase is different, it’s difficult to say exactly how much a stairlift would cost, especially as different people have different needs and requirements. Simply get in touch through our ‘Contact Us‘ page and we will be happy to advise you further.

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