Reconditioned Vs New Stairlifts

Reconditioned Vs New Stairlifts

When it comes to improving mobility within the home, stairlifts are an indispensable tool for many. They provide a safe, comfortable and reliable way for individuals with limited mobility to navigate between floors. However, the high up-front costs of purchasing new might be a difficult hurdle to overcome, which is where reconditioned stairlifts shine. Deciding whether to invest in a reconditioned or new stairlift can be challenging, as both offer benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we aim to make your choice easier by exploring the key differences, benefits, and considerations between reconditioned and new stairlifts to help you make an informed decision.

What are Reconditioned Stairlifts?

A reconditioned stairlift is a pre-owned unit that has been refurbished to meet specific safety and functionality standards. These stairlifts undergo rigorous testing, cleaning, and replacement of worn or damaged parts before being resold. The reconditioning process ensures that the stairlift operates as close to new as possible, providing a cost-effective mobility solution.

At Stairlift Solutions, we provide an extensive range of refurbished stairlifts from top brands such as Acorn and Brooks. This, along with our extensive refurbishment process, ensures you receive a high-quality stairlift built to last. We also offer 24-hour aftercare if something goes wrong and a full warranty cover to assure you that our reconditioned stairlifts are safe and reliable.

Benefits of Reconditioned Stairlifts

There are a few notable benefits of reconditioned stairlifts that make them an appealing option over purchasing new. The main advantages associated with going for a reconditioned stairlift include:

  • Cost Savings: One of the most significant advantages of reconditioned stairlifts is their lower price than new models. This makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.
  • Environmental Impact: Choosing a reconditioned stairlift is a more environmentally friendly option, as it extends the life of the stairlift and reduces waste.
  • Quick Installation: Often, reconditioned stairlifts are readily available for installation, avoiding the wait times sometimes associated with new models.

Considerations When Purchasing Reconditioned Stairlifts

Although there are some captivating benefits, a reconditioned stairlift isn’t for everyone. You’ll want to factor some things into your decision-making to ensure that your stairlift meets all your needs. These include:

  • Limited Selection: The availability of reconditioned stairlifts depends on what has been recently traded in or removed. This can limit choice in terms of model and features.
  • Warranty: While many reconditioned stairlifts have a warranty, these warranties may be shorter than those offered with new models.
  • Lifespan: Reconditioned stairlifts might have a shorter lifespan than new ones, considering they have been used previously.

Exploring New Stairlifts

New stairlifts are brand-new units purchased directly from the manufacturer or an authorised dealer like Stairlift Solutions. These stairlifts have the latest technology, features, and full manufacturer warranties, offering peace of mind and reliability. You also have many more options regarding what type of stairlifts are available when purchasing new ones, including curved and outdoor stairlifts.

Benefits of New Stairlifts

Buying a new stairlift is worthwhile for many people because of its significant benefits. These include:

  • Latest Technology: New stairlifts incorporate the latest safety, comfort, and operation advancements. This includes improved ergonomics, smoother rides, and enhanced security features.
  • Customisation: New stairlifts can be customised to fit the specific dimensions of your staircase and personal mobility needs, providing a tailored solution.
  • Full Warranty: New stairlifts come with full manufacturer warranties, covering parts, repairs, and sometimes annual maintenance.

Considerations When Purchasing New Stairlifts

As it’s a big investment, it’s worthwhile to take your time and measure out the pros and cons of purchasing a new stairlift. Some of the main considerations to think about include:

  • Cost: The most significant downside of new stairlifts is their higher cost. This investment may not be feasible for everyone, especially those requiring a temporary stairlift.
  • Installation Time: Customised new stairlifts may require a longer wait time for production and installation.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing between a brand-new and reconditioned stairlift requires careful planning and consideration. You’ll want to look at your specific circumstances and weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of each option to find your ideal solution. So, to help you make the right choice, consider the following aspects:

Assessing Your Needs

When deciding between a reconditioned and a new stairlift, consider your specific needs, budget, and home layout. If cost is a primary concern and your staircase accommodates standard models, a reconditioned stairlift might be the way to go. However, investing in a new model may be more appropriate if you require a stairlift with advanced features, customisation, or a unique staircase.

Considering Long-Term Use

Think about the long-term implications of your choice. A new stairlift, while more expensive upfront, may offer better value over time through longer-lasting reliability and fewer maintenance issues. Conversely, a reconditioned stairlift could be a wise choice for short-term use or when budget constraints are tight.

Warranty and Aftercare

Understanding the warranty and aftercare services provided is important regardless of your choice. Ensure you are comfortable with the warranty length, what it covers, and the provider’s reputation for after-sales support.

Renting vs Buying a New Stairlift – Which is Right for You?

The decision between a reconditioned and a new stairlift boils down to individual needs, budgets, and preferences. Reconditioned stairlifts offer an economical, environmentally friendly choice with quicker installation times. On the other hand, new stairlifts provide the latest technology, customisation options, and the reassurance of a more comprehensive warranty. By carefully considering your situation and weighing each option’s pros and cons, you can select a stairlift that best enhances your mobility and quality of life.

If you’re looking for assistance in choosing the right stairlift for you or would like to discuss stairlift rental further, please contact our team at Stairlift Solutions today for more information.

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